Department of Oral Pathology & Dental Anatomy


The Department is well equipped with, Binocular/ trinocular (research microscope) each equipped with CCD Cameras and attachments. Monocular Microscopes for each student. Understanding of Histopathological appearance of lesions is enhanced by explanation using Direct Field Projection with LCD Projector as well as individual detailed placards made for each field. Many charts, Models, specimens and Histopathological diagrams are always on display and well maintained through out the department. The Histopathology Lab is fully equipped with Two Microtomes, Processing Unit, Water Bath, wax Bath, Automatic Knife sharpener, High accuracy weighing Machine, Micro Pipettes, Slide Rack / Cabinet, Block cabinet, All reagents/ chemicals including routine and special staining reagents.

The department is capable of handling sufficient biopsy input. The report turn over time i.e. reporting time is usually 3-5 days: May extend depending upon special staining procedures, and/or decalcification procedures. Over last few months, many biopsies have been reported. Common cases being Leukoplakia, Carcinoma, Oral submucous fibrosis, etc. It also includes some relatively rare cases like Glandular Odontogenic cyst, Odontome associated with dentigerious cyst, Neurofibroma, peripheral giant cell ossifying granuloma etc.

Department Highlights

As on 30th June 2016-

Histopathology Reporting (Biopsies) till date: 1,650

Number of Slides: 10,500

Total number of Tissue Wax Blocks: 2550

Total number of Museum Specimens: 100

Research Papers Published by Faculty Members: 25

Scientific Papers Presented by Faculty Members: 16


Services Available

Hematology: Blood investigation

Biochemical analysis: Saliva, Blood and other body fluids

Histopathology: Tissue sectioning and microscopic examination (Biopsy service)

Blood Sugar investigation

Hepatitis testing

HIV testing

Special Cases

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