Out Patient Department

The OPD is fully equipped with dental chair units, sterilization equipment, X-ray and OPG machine etc. There is a regular flow of 100 to 150 patients per day for treatment and the number is increasing.

Treatments Offered

  Consultation   Post Operative Care
  I.O.P.A. X-ray   Removable Partial Denture
  O.P.G. X-ray   Fixed Partial Denture
  Scaling and Polishing   Complete Denture
  Sub gingival Curettage   Orthodontic Treatment
  Flap Surgery   Extraction
  Silver filling
-Class I
-Class II
  Glass Ionomer   Apicoectomy
  Composite   Fractured Jaw
  Root Canal Treatment
-Anterior Tooth
-Posterior Tooth
 Laser Surgery
Oral Cancer Surgery Dental Implants

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