Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics



Conservative Dentistry means conserving the tooth structure by all means i.e. Prevention, interception, preservation and restoration. Thus aiding rehabilitation. It includes Endodontology which has similar objectives and deals with health, diseases, mishaps etc. of dental Pulp and Periradicular tissue.

This department caters to these needs by means of patient education, preventive and interceptive measures, management of dental ailments and Endodontic treatment. Preclinical laboratory is equipped with latest fifty workstations simulators including all attachments, a locker room, and technical room. Services provided include management of dental caries, abrasions, erosion, attrition, hypoplasia, trauma, discoloration, esthetics need, pulpal and periapical ailments, preventive, interceptive, restorative and endodontic treatments.

The department is bestowed with latest and state of art materials and equipments such as amalgamators, apex locators, air-rotors, bleaching unit, cement mixers, centralised compressor, electrically operated chairs, light curing units, microendo-surgery kits, micro-motors, pulp testers, RVG, rotary endo-motors with reduction hand pieces, ultrasonic units & many more to quote.


Department Highlights

As on 31st  May 2021 –

Total number of Root Canal Treatments done in last Ten Years: 8340

Research Papers Published by Faculty Members: 120

Scientific Papers Presented by Faculty Members: 15

Total  CDE  hours  (conducted by Department) in  last Ten Years: 34 hours

Treatments Available

Out Patients Department:

  • Diagnosis and prevention of Caries
  • Diagnosis of pulpal pain
  • Emergency treatment of Endodontic pain.

Restorative treatments:

  • Silver amalgam restorations
  • Composite resin restorations
  • GIC restorations
  • Inlays and onlays


  • Ceramic
  • Metal ceramic
  • Cast metal

Cosmetic dentistry:

  • Smile design
  • Bleaching
  • Veneers
  • Invisible restorations

Endodontic treatment:

  • RCT
  • Post & core


  • Periapical surgery
  • Root resection
  • Hemi-section


  • Endodontic Implants
  • Emergency management of Traumatic Injuries to teeth
  • Splinting

Special Cases

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