Department of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the science of drugs that produce therapeutically useful effects which are given to prevent, diagnose or cure disease processes. Pharmacology as a science covers ground from the basic screening of drugs to their safe application in the treatment of disease.

The department consist of well equipped pharmacy laboratory which can accommodate 50 students at a time for practicals of clinical importance.

The department is well equipped with various pharmaceutical apparatus like dispensing balance, liquid measures, pestle & mortor, pill tile, spatulas etc. That helps the students to learn the art of preparing and dispensing drugs for the use by the patients.

The valuable & incomparable knowledge of the sources of drugs, their absorption, distribution, metabolisms and excretion, their mode or mechanism of action and their toxicity and specially dental pharmacology that includes dental caries, dental abrasives, dentifices, mouth washes, bleaching agents, dental protective and dressing.