Common Oral Diseases

Dental Caries (Tooth Decay): Appearance of black spot on tooth, sensitivity to hot and cold, pain while eating and swelling when it reaches advance stage.

Periodontal problems (Pyorrhea): Swelling of gums, bleeding gums, loose teeth, pus discharge from gums, deposits on teeth.

Oral cancer: India has the highest rate of oral cancer in the world due to habits of tobacco intake in various forms. Early signs are non-healing ulcers, white patch on the gums, cheek, palate, which cannot be removed by cleaning.

Visit Hitkarini Dental College and Hospital immediately for any of these troubles.

We offer painless treatments with gentle care of delicate oral tissues”

Treatment of Decayed Teeth: The hospital offers various forms of fillings as well as root canal treatments for dental decay.

Treatment of Gum Problems: The most common gum problem is pyorrhea which requires cleaning of teeth and we also offer teeth whitening treatment like bleaching. In certain cases loose and mobile teeth can also be treated with latest treatments like bone grafts which can make such teeth as good as new. Laser therapy for gum problems is also available.

Extraction (removal) of teeth: Teeth no longer functional such as grossly decayed (hopeless teeth), fractured teeth which cannot be treated, troublesome wisdom teeth requires removal. This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and patient can walk home after the painless procedure without any problem.

Replacement of Missing Teeth: We offer fixed as well as removable teeth for missing teeth whether single or multiple teeth. Latest Therapy includes Dental Implants, a simple procedure resulting in a complete fixed denture replacing missing teeth. The patient can opt for this treatment if patient wants to avoid a removable denture. This treatment is suitable for single or multiple teeth. Even if all teeth are missing, implants are choice of treatment.

Treatment of Misaligned Teeth: We offer treatment of crooked teeth, buck teeth etc. Smile therapy i.e. enhancing an individual’s smile to make it more beautiful by treating the teeth as well as gums.


Our moral Duty

The Hitkarini Dental College and Hospital fulfils its social obligation by conducting several dental camps every month in and around Jabalpur for quick diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases. We also provide free of cost treatment to the under privileged strata of society. Dental camps are held in especially in rural and remote areas to provide information and awareness to the population. We also conduct camps in schools and colleges to educate the future of this country regarding the handicap of dental diseases.


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Myths and Truths of Dentistry


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