Digital Dentistry and Special Clinic

“Digital dentistry is a broad term encompassing any dental technology that involves the use of computer-based components such as hardware devices and software solutions.”

A pioneer digital dentistry setup, first of its kind in the central India with a special care clinic is established in our college campus featuring the advanced and complete digital workflow services like intra-oral scanning, implant guided surgery, 3d printing, and laser with the latest equipment and softwares. The state of the art special clinic is operated by the senior faculty members performing all indicated and complex clinical procedures for the betterment of patient’s health.

Department Highlights:

  • Intra oral scanner
  • 3D printer
  • High end laptop workstation
  • Portable x-ray system
  • TENS machine for complex TMJ cases
  • Virtual conference room
  • CAD software (EXOCAD, EXOPLAN)

Activity as on June 2023:

  • Total number of patients treated (July 2022 onwards): 227
  • Digital intraoral scanning done: 160
  • Dental implants placed: 58
  • Guided surgeries: 22
  • Advanced endodontics procedures: 62
  • TMJ patients treated: 21
  • Clear aligner patients treated: 7
  • Oral surgical procedures: 12
  • Orthodontic treatment: 18
  • Pulpectomy: 12
  • Laser frenectomy: 5
  • Crown exposure in paediatric patients: 5
  • Flap procedures: 6
  • Total number of CDE’S conducted: 02
  • Online workshops: 10