The joy of changing a person`s life by creating a beautiful, healthy smile is one of the intangible rewards of being a dentist that can’t be measured.

Ten Great Reasons to Be a Dentist:

Service to Others: Help people maintain and improve their oral health, quality of life and appearance

Balanced Lifestyle: Dentistry offers flexibility to balance professional and personal life

Empower Your Patients: Give patients smiles they are proud to wear

Technology and Research: Be involved with the scientific advancement of dentistry

Be a Leader: Earn respect from your family, friends and community

Prevention/Education: Be an educator on the importance of oral health

Detect Disease: Treat oral health and detect disease – including cancer and cardiovascular

Be Creative: Use your artistic and scientific talents

Success Potential: With the aging population and increase in access to care, the demand and need for dentistry is on the rise

Self-Employment: Own a dental practice and be your own boss


What does a dentist do?

  • Diagnose and treat diseases, injuries and malformations of the teeth and mouth
  • Improve a patient’s appearance
  • Perform surgical procedures such as implants, tissue grafts and extractions
  • Educate patients on how to better care for their teeth and prevent oral disease
  • Teach future dentists and dental hygienists
  • Perform research directed to improving oral health and developing new treatment methods


What are the future opportunities for dentistry?

  • Outlook is favorable for new dentists and exceptional career opportunities exist for potential students
  • Large numbers of dentists are projected to retire in the coming years and new dentists will be needed in private practice, as teachers/researchers and in public health dentistry
  • Increasing numbers of older adults are keeping their teeth longer, greater awareness of oral health care, and a high demand for cosmetic services
  • Advancements in dental technology such as digital radiography, laser systems and informatics will allow dentists to provide more effective treatments and practice more efficiently
  • New information about the relationship of oral health to general health makes dentistry an important health profession for the future