Department of Biochemistry

Department of Biochemistry renders a thorough theoretical & practical knowledge of biomolecules, biochemical techniques & analysis of various biochemical parameters. Biomolecules are important for development of teeth & in different types of diseases of teeth like dental caries, dental hypoplasia etc. & is very important for everyone associated with dental sciences.

In the department instruments like colorimeter, spectrophotometer, flame emission photometer, electrophoresis chamber, incubators, hot air oven, complete glass double distillation plant etc. are available.

Facility of doing biochemical quantitative analysis of glucose, bilirubin, fractions of proteins, albumin and globulin, calcium, phosphorous, electrolytes, enzymes like alkaline phosphatase, SGOT, SGPT, Y-GT & LDH isoenzymes etc. are available. Various clinical analysis done in Biochemistry laboratory help in diagnosis of various diseases. Dental Students are also taught about importance of Biochemistry, biochemical reactions & metabolism in the body and also about its normal and abnormal functioning.