Department of Physiology

Physiology is defined as the study of functions of various systems and different organs of the body. It forms the basic as it deals with the normal cells, organs and functions. Physiology teaches the normal homeostasis. It unfolds the mystery of complicated functional aspects of individual organs in the body.

Even before knowing the language, culture and society, men knew about the hunger, thirst, pain and fear which are the basic of physiology. With the knowledge of Physiology the students are able to determine haemoglobin and RBC and classify anaemia. They can also determine blood group, which is helpful in matching for blood transfusion.

The Sphirometer helps the students to determine pulmonary volumes and capacities function is important for calculating pulmonary function which is important for anesthesia administration before various surgical procedures.

To ensure a proper foundation for the future doctors, the department is well equipped with all the necessary equipments required for the students of BDS I Year. The department is also provided special equipments, like physiograph, Polygraph, Spirometer which not only gives ECG but also EMG & EEG.