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The department is well-furnished with instruments and machinery, required for both clinical use as well as outreach camps. It has fully equipped dental chairs, airotors hand pieces, micromotor units, oral prophylaxis instruments including ultrasonic scalars, extraction forceps, filling instruments, prosthetic instruments, amalgamator, pulp tester, light cure unit, autoclaves, sterilizer, needle burner with syringe cutter, overhead projector, LCD projector, digital camera, computer system with laser printer, dental education materials, etc.

The department has established a centralized museum, where informative and educative dental health education material has been displayed. The department also has a tobacco cessation room for counseling tobacco addicts, which is equipped with many models and educational materials.

The department has a Mobile Dental Van with one dental chair with all the attachments and adequate sitting space for 10-15 people, for the purpose of outreach camps. This van is equipped with filling instruments, ultrasonic scalars, airotors, micromotor unit, various dental materials, autoclave, glass bead sterilizer, compressor, metal cabinet, stabilizer, generator, water tank, oxygen cylinder, public address system, TV and CD player, portable X-ray machine, etc. We also have a portable dental chair to provide the best treatment through our outreach programs.

Our department manages two satellite units attached with our institution. These centres and our extensive outreach activities cater to the patients of a large area in and around our district. Local bus service ‘Chalo Bus’ helps people to commute to our main hospital and other centres. The treatment facilities for camp patients are mostly free or at a very nominal charge. Prevention and control of diseases through community approach by organizing free dental check-up and treatment camps for rural, remote and under-privileged areas is the motto of our institution.

Department Highlights

Outreach Activities, as on 30th June  2023-

Total number of Free Dental Check-ups and Treatment Camps organised: 865

Number of Dental Camps other than Jabalpur District: 96

Total number of patients benefited by Dental Camps:1,53,242

Key Partner Organizations in Dental Camps: Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, Rotary Club (International, State and Districts), Inner Wheel Club, Red Cross Society, Raj Krishna Tankha Foundation, Justice Tankha Memorial Foundation, Indian Dental Association, NCC, NSS, Sangini Seva Sangathan, Manjusha Seva Sadan, Sahara Jan Kalyan and Bharat Vikas Parisad.

Mega Camps as on 30th June, 2023:
  • At Bandakpur, Damoh, Madhya Pradesh: 9th 2016: 357 patients
  • Mega Health Mission at Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh: 13thto 18th 2016: 2014 patients
  • At Kurseja, Banda, Uttar Pradesh: 22ndto 26th 2016: 796 patients
  • At Ordinance Factory, Katni: 1stMay 2016: 209 patients
  • At Rikhiya Peeth,Deoghar, Jhagrakhand: 8/7/16 to 10/7/16- 310 patients
  • At Mission Muskan, Shadol, Madhya Pradesh: 1/1/18 to 4/1/18- 167 patients
  • At Balaghat, M.P: 17/2/18 to 18/2/18: 144 patients
  • At Banda Uttar Pradesh: 25/11/18 to 2/12/18- 965 patients
  • At Mandla M.P. : 7/11/19 to 14/11/19- 5000 patients.
  • Ghamapur: 29th Feb – 1st Mar, 2020- 635 patients
  • Ramleela Maidan, Ghamapur: 1st Mar, 2021- 415 patients
  • Badda Dada Ground, NSCB Medical College: 10th-11th Nov, 2022- 105 patients
  • Narsinghpur, M.P.: 19th Nov, 2022- 115 patients
  • Rajmarg Ground, Tendukheda: 20th – 21st Nov, 2022- 120 patients
  • Nehra Company, NCC Camp: 12th Jan, 2023- 290 patients
  • Ramleela Maidan, Ghamapur: 1st Mar, 2023- 350 patients
  • Rashtriya Patrika Parishad Health Camp: 14th May, 2023- 110 patients
  • IMA organized Health Camp: 11th Jun, 2023- 145 patients
  • Chetna Maidan, Bilheri: 30th Jun, 2023- 80 patients

Total number of Museum Specimens: 136

Research Papers Published by Faculty Members: 105

Conferences/CDEs attended by Faculty Members: 103

Scientific Papers Presented by Faculty Members: 33

Treatments and Services Available

Out Patients Department (OPD) services:

  • Oral Prophylaxis
  • Pit & Fissure Sealants
  • Topical Fluoride Application
  • Tooth Extraction (Simple)
  • Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART)
  • Miracle Mix & GIC restorations
  • Tobacco cessation counselling

Outreach programs:

Prevention and control of diseases through community approach by organizing free dental check-up and treatment camps for rural, remote and under privileged areas.

School dental health programs

Rural Satellite Centres

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Gujarati Mandal Satellite Dental Clinic

Hitkarini Dental College and Hospital is committed to provide patients with the highest quality dental care through caring attitudes and excellence in treatment processes. This care has also been expanded to our Gujarati Mandal satellite Dental Clinic located in Marhataal, Jabalpur. It is an attempt by Hitkarini Dental College and Hospital to provide dental services at the doorstep of Jabalpur people. Opened in November 2012, the Gujarati Mandal satellite Dental Clinic is providing comprehensive oral care to children, adults and senior citizens.


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