Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology


The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology deals with detection and treatment of various orofacial pathologies. It is the first department in which the patients’ complaints are recorded and treatment is planned.

As the name suggests, the department has two aspects that of clinical examination and radiographs (X-ray). The clinical findings need to be collaborated with the X-rays for which the department has a separate X-ray room with proper precaution against radiation hazards.

The department has a well-ventilated illuminated OPD Clinical Room. It has 24 chairs, which are very well connected to water and light. A good well-made dark room is present. A separate sterilization room containing 2 Autoclaves and hot water boiler which helps to maintain sterilized environment necessary for patients, doctors and paramedical staff is available.

The Department is having three IOPA X-ray machines: One digital and two conventional, one CBCT machine and an Extra Oral X-ray machine also. These machines are of great help in getting good radiographs which help in giving proper diagnosis and planning the treatment.


cone beam computed tomography is a new and popular radiographic technique introduced in dentistry with the advantages of 3D imaging. As the imaging has evolved from 2D to 3D, there is better quality of radiograph, accurate information as there is superimposition of certain structures in 2D, in CBCT we can see the structures in all 3 planes like Axial, Coronal, and Sagittal. Images of oral structures can be viewed as small as 150 microns in 3D CBCT.

Department Highlights

Total Number of patients visited in last 10 years (2012-2022)- 1,39,953

(Males- 1,02,249 and Females- 37,704)

Total Number of patients treated in last 10 years (2012-2022) – 18,719

(Males-14,229 and Females- 4,490)

Ten main procedures:

  • Intralesional Injections for reduced mouth opening patients and oral lesions.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy for TMJ disorders.
  • Counselling for tobacco cessation and Nicotine replacement therapy.
  • Treatment of skin diseases affecting the Oral and Maxillo-facial region.
  • Stress counseling and management of psychosomatic disorders.
  • Management of oral complications of systemic diseases.
  • Oral cancer diagnosis and management including post-cancer complications.
  • Neurosensory and motor disorders affecting the face.
  • Maxillofacial imaging and other diagnostics.
  • Management and care of salivary dysfunction.

Special Cases: 22510

Research papers published by faculty members- 105

Conferences / CDEs attended by faculty members – 87

Scientific papers presented by the faculty members – 24

Scientific papers presented by the PG students – 18

CDE conducted by the Department -03

Achievements of PG students- Best Paper 05, Best Poster 03.

  • Advice and Treatment for Potentially malignment disorders.
  • Treatment of oral ulcers.
  • Treatment for Orofacial Pain and Neuralgic disorders.
  • Management and care for medically compromised patients.
  • Diagnosis and Management of Dry Mouth.

Recent Advancement:

The Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology sits as an interface between dentistry and medicine. It serves as a specialist clinical department of excellent care for treating head and neck medical diseases. The oral medicine and radiology department has adequate space and it is well equipped with the best-in-class equipment like 3-D CBCT, Digital OPG & Lateral Cephalogram, and a Digital X-ray printer. The advantage of having an in-house Digital CBCT machine aids in the making of real-time reports & delivery of the reports through various mediums like; digital copies (via email, & or on the phone) or physical copies. The digital era of evolution in X-ray imaging gives an upper hand to budding dentists to visualize even micro pathologies which sometimes go unnoticed in conventional X-ray units. The oral medicine department also provides management and care to patients suffering from temporomandibular joint disorders by diagnosing and providing correct treatment to them with the use of the TENS machine along with the expert diagnosis of the masticatory dysfunction by the specialists.

Teaching and learning CBCT imaging


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy for TMJ disorders

Treatments available

Diagnosis and management:

  • Infectious oro-facial and dental diseases
  • Odontogenic pain
  • Orofacial pain like neuralgias, Myofacial Pain Disfunction Syndrome (MPDS)
  • Developmental disorders of orofacial region
  • Ulcerative, vesiculobullous and potentially malignant lesions of the oral cavity
  • Oral cancer
  • Salivary gland pathologies and xerostomia
  • Trauma of oro-facial region
  • Burning mouth and taste disorders
  • Oral manifestations of various Syndromes, psychosomatic disorders and blood diathesis

Imaging services (Conventional and Digital):

  • CBCT
  • Intra-oral periapical radiographs
  • Bitewing radiographs
  • Occlusal radiographs
  • Panoramic radiographs
  • Skull views
  • TMJ projections
  • Extra-oral radiographs

Other diagnostics and treatment procedure available:

  • Biopsy, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy for TMJ disorder
  • Intralesional injections for OSMF patients

Special Cases

2 Special Case OMDR