Department of Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge

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Prosthodontics is a discipline of dentistry pertaining to the restoration of oral function, comfort, appearance and health by restoring natural teeth, replacing missing teeth and contiguous oral and maxillo- facial structures with artificial substitutes. Broken teeth, missing teeth, defects in jaws and disfigurement of facial structures adversely affect individuals in their personal, family and social life.

Prostheses, the artificial substitutes, are fabricated for these handicapped person. Stomatognathic functions like speech and mastication are conveniently performed using these artificial substitutes. These artificial substitutes are fixed partial dentures attached to natural teeth, roots or implants and removable partial dentures are those which can be easily removed and replaced in the mouth by the patient and restorations replacing missing or defective parts of jaws and face like eye, nose, ear etc. In Prosthodontic Clinic expert dental surgeons and specialists provide quality Prosthodontic treatments to needy patients.

Prosthodontic clinic is assisted by Prosthodontic laboratory where in qualified and experienced dental technicians prepare acrylic and cast metal dentures & ceramic bridges and crowns. Pre-clinical laboratory, Prosthodontic laboratory and Prosthodontic clinic, spread over 10,000 sq feet area; are fully equipped with modern equipments. The department has experienced and qualified teaching and auxiliary staff.

Rehabilitation of a patient


Department Highlights

As on 18th March 2019-

Total number of Patients Treated in last Ten Years: 62646 (Males: 33063, Females: 43829)

Total number of Complete Dentures delivered: 2685

Total number of  Dentures delivered: 2597

Total number of Museum Specimens: 96

Research Papers Published by Faculty Members: 130

Scientific Papers Presented by Faculty Members: 29

CDE conducted by the Department: 04


Treatments Available


  • Complete denture
  • Removable Partial Denture (acrylic and cast partial denture)
  • Repair of Denture- rebasing /relining
  • Fixed Partial Denture- (all metal, metal-ceramic , all ceramic)
  • Single Denture (Maxillary / Mandibular )
  • Overdentures
  • Immediate denture

Crown & bridge:

  • Single crowns (provisional and permanent crowns)
  • Multiple crowns
  • Post and core


  • Single tooth implants.
  • Full mouth implants.
  • Implant supported over dentures.
  • Full mouth rehabilitation

Prosthetic Maxillofacial Treatments:

  • Prosthetic Eye treatment
  • Prosthetic Nasal treatment
  • Prosthetic Ear treatment
  • Prosthetic Finger treatment
  • Prosthetic thumb treatment

Surgical Prosthodontics:

  • Prosthesis Management of Hemimandibulectomy defect
  • Obturators- Feed plate
  • Gunning Splint & stents
  • Cleft Palate treatment

Others: Mouthguard construction

Special Cases

sleep apnea appliance richmond crown mouth opening appliances maryland bridges Immediate Implant procedure hollow bulb oburator fpd with pinkj ceramic finger prosthesis eye prosthesis cheek plumper