Why Dentistry?
Dentistry is all about helping people to help themselves. It is a fast growing field providing not only monetary but also scientific advancement and helps an aspiring candidate to develop skills and intelligent actions. Dentists restore complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely treat dental diseases.

Our virtues include:
  • Prevention: Camps to make people aware of dental hygiene.
  • Treatment: Various treatments.
  • Aesthetics: Smile treatments.
According to WHO:
  • In the United States of America, there is 1 dentist per 1348 patients.
  • In India it is 2,11,418 patients per dentist with an estimated 1:20,000 in urban and 1: 3,00,000 in rural India.
  • In Norway this ratio is 1:800 and in countries like Mali (Africa) it is 1 : 10,000,000.
  • Total Registered Dental Surgeons in India: 47,318 in 2003.
  • Ideal ratio requirement is 1 : 1000.

Lucrative earning prospects in store for a would-be-Dentist

  • In USA alone, in 1970 $ 4.3 billion were spent on Dental Treatment. In year 2000 the dental economy is the USA was estimated at over $200 billion. Out of which about $ 73 billion was directly on dental treatments and balance was indirect and impact spends. Click for details
  • Current Median annual earnings of salaried dentists in USA were $129,920 in May 2004. Earnings vary according to number of years in practice, location, hours worked, and specialty.
  • In U.K., in 1977, £250 million pounds were spent on Dental Treatment.
  • In India, the current business would be around Rs 18 billion with the present occurrence and status of dental diseases.
  • Dentistry skills are in short supply in developing countries as well as in countries like United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand etc.
  • Governments of such countries are offering Quick Immigration under skilled migration programs and skill shortage category to dentists.
  • Teaching jobs for dentist graduates and post-graduates are available easily and are well paid.
An indicative career options chart is given here.